KGOG 1047 /
GCIG study

Therapeutic effect of surgical debulking of metastatic lymph nodes in cervical cancer stage IIICr: A phase III, randomized controlled clinical trial

NTC number: NTC05421650
  • Purpose

    To evaluate the therapeutic effect of the debulking of bulky and multiple LNs for cervical cancer stage IIICr

    A phase 3 randomized, controlled clinical trial

  • Inclusion criteria

    Age : 20~70

    Diagnosis: Cervical cancer stage IIICr (CT, MRI, or PET-CT)

    Treatment plan: CCRT Pelvic and or para-aortic L/N metastasisSingle LN with short diameter of LN ≥ 2 cm orMultiple metastatic LNs (≥ 3) with short diameter of LN ≥ 1 cm

    Histological findings: Squamous cell carcinomaAdenocarcinomaAdenosquamous carcinoma

    Performance status : ECOG score 0-1